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Training Program

Detailed tutorials
5-day workout split with only 3 gym weight machines!

In order to be fully prepared for my physical movie roles, I rely on a 5-day workout split which incorporates core and ab routines to each day. My entire Training Program is perfectly feasible only requiring 3 gym weight machines. One reason for simplifying my Training Program is due to the fact that I am often traveling for my work as an actor. Many times I do not have access to a fully equipped gym. Also I’ve realized many people prefer to use less equipment to fulfill their exercise desires. I therefore complete many of my workouts using only dumbbells, barbells, and my own body weight, which simultaneously challenges and stimulates my stability, my balance, and the internal musculature.

Audio-visual motivation
Viktor Drago – Razorfist – Krieg!

Choose for yourself with whom you want to compete. One thing remains the same. I will challenge and motivate you in a way you have never experienced before. Exclusive video footage of my workouts and original movie scenes of Viktor Drago in Creed II are waiting for you! I will accompany you audio-visually through the entire Training Program. From the greeting, to the last push-up you will have me right by your side via video. Don’t just train like me, train with me!

Continuous updates
New workouts, competitions and future offers!

He who stops being better stops being good. That’s why I continuously integrate new training methods and workouts into my Training Program. Subscribe now and you can expect additional offers and competitions. In addition, I will inform you about new future offers such as a Nutrition Plan or a Boxing Training Program.

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Training Program